The Sunwise Cycling Collection

Cyclists often experience problems with dust and debris. Travelling quickly can cause dryness and irritation. Specially designed cycling eyewear provides coverage and protection whether you require a prescription or not. 

Sunwise is one of the top Sports Eyewear brands in the UK. It is renowned for its comfort and durability. All Sunwise eyewear is made of the highest quality and lightweight material, designed to give you all-day comfort while cycling.

Our Sunwise frames are just £149.00 including single vision prescription lenses. This also includes 5 interchangeable lenses for different weather conditions.

Our Sunwise frames are all light weight and comfortable. They offer exciting designs featuring wrap – around protection from the sun. Complete with the adaptability to change inclusive lenses for a wide range of sports and day to day life, throughout the year.

Every Sunwise model offers high optical clarity and impact resistant lenses in order to ensure you get the best visibility; whether you’re in bright sunlight or cloudy conditions.

We have a range of styles available and can order different models in to suit you. If cycling eyewear is something that would interest you then please come and speak to us. You can find us here.

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