The Spine Collection

Inspired by the interaction between vertebrae, Spine solves age-old hinge limitations. Globally patented, you can be assured there is no substitute, so don’t accept one.

There are 5 working Spine vertebrae constantly interacting seamlessly with each other to create a 90 degree hinge opening. As every element helps the other to take the strain, they rotate only 18 degrees meaning they share the load, making wear from friction virtually non-existent. Inspired by vertebrae, the hinges flex to fit any face shape. They constantly grip with the lightest of touch and when lifted from the face temples shut automatically.

There are no screws loose here – because there are no screws used in the working mechanics. Accidental impacts are glanced off as Spine moves in all directions, absorbing and dissipating shocks thus greatly reducing breakage. We have a wide range of Spine frames for you to choose from. For a demonstration or to view the latest styles please visit us in our practice.