Fitting Your Contact Lenses

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Whether you are currently a contact lens wearer or are looking to try out your very first pair, we strive to provide our patients with the best service possible.

We have been dealing with contact lenses for many years and understand that there can be a great deal of apprehension surrounding your first pair.  Our opticians will teach you everything you need to know; from general use to cleaning and damage prevention. In no time at all, wearing lenses will become second nature to you.

There are thousands of different types of lenses available. Our optician will find the perfect lenses to suit your eyes and lifestyle. After having the initial contact lens fit, you will be asked to return for regular aftercare appointments to ensure you are wearing the best lenses available.

We specialise in both monthly and daily disposable lenses:

Daily Disposables: The Benefits

  • There’s no cleaning them – at the end of the day simply throw them away. This saves time in the evening and you don’t have to worry about solutions. We often recommend daily lenses for teenagers who are less likely to take the time to clean their lenses properly.
  • You don’t need to remember when to replace your lenses because you get a fresh pair every single day!
  • You can carry spare pairs without worrying about solutions. This is handy if you lose or tear a lens.
  • They may help with eye allergies – With less time for deposits to build up, daily contacts give allergies less of a chance to flare. Also a fresh, smooth lens surface every day is gentler on irritated eyes.

If you would like more information about daily contact lenses please click here.


Monthly Lenses: The Benefits

  • Providing the lenses are cleaned and stored properly they can be worn up to 30 times before being replaced.
  • They can be more cost effective than dailies because you purchase fewer lenses.
  • Monthly (and other extended wear contact lenses) allow five times more oxygen through the lens compared to standard contacts. This is better for your eyes and will help improve on comfort whilst wearing the lenses.
  • You throw them away every month instead of every day and so there is less waste.

If you would like more information about monthly contact lenses please click here.

As with any prescription, contact lens prescriptions do expire. We recommend you have an annual contact lens aftercare appointment with us to ensure the prescription is correct. During this appointment we will make sure that your eyes are healthy and will reinforce proper lens care.

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If you are having any problems with your eyes such as redness, pain, increased light sensitivity, tearing, blurry vision, discharge or swelling then remove the lens and contact us to make an appointment with our optician.

To make an appointment with us or for more information about contact lenses please call us on 01909 486 418 or you can visit our practice.