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It is important you get your eyes checked regularly and it is recommended that you have an eye examination every two years (or more frequently if recommended by your optician).

We are always accepting new patients! Both private and NHS patients are welcome. To find out whether you’re entitled to a free NHS eye examination please click here.

The examination not only determines your ability to see, but also checks the general health of your eyes.

Many do not attend regular eye appointments. This is because they believe their vision is okay. While this may be true, it means that any underlying eye conditions may go undetected.

A routine eye examination can help identify other eye problems during their early stages. This makes them easier to treat and can prevent any further damage to your eyes.

The appointment gives you the opportunity to discuss your eye care history, any problems you may be having and whether or not there are any eye conditions that run in your family.

After your eye examination your optician may want to carry out further tests to ensure we are doing the best we can for your eyes. The tests carried out will depend on your individual needs.

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