The Nano Vista Collection

Your child’s vision is vital – it can have a huge impact on their educational, functional and social development. Your child may not realise they have a problem with their vision which is why it is important they attend a routine eye examination regularly. Children under the age of 16 are entitled to a free NHS sight test every year.

If your child does need glasses it can be difficult to find a frame – especially if they are very young or if it’s their first pair. You will need something that is both comfortable and practical. Our dispensing optician will always be on site to help you find the perfect frame.

Our Nano Vista frames have silicon temples and no metal parts. This is to ensure children get maximum comfort out of their first frame. If their glasses are comfortable they are more likely to wear them.

The frames themselves are fully flexible and come with two fixing systems to adapt to everyday situations such as playing or resting. To view the collection please visit our practice, you can find us here.